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Knowing Shaai better

We often introduce Shaai as a pluggable blogging framework. But what does that exactly mean?

Shaai is built in such way that you could use individual entities of the framework independently, and customise them as per your needs.

Shaai is made up of three major constituents.

Core library

This is the core package containing the basic data related functions and does the job of talking to the data source. This npm package can be independently used to consume blog data and render as per one's needs. Generally, the core library is used by scrolls internally.


In Shaai, scrolls are templates that render your data. @shaai/scroll-ink is one of our homemade scrolls. It provides a blog design using Shaai's design system and is a clean way to show your blog posts.


This is the content management system for Shaai. You can manage your blogs here. The CMS can be self hosted on your server, or you can use our hosted version directly.


npm install --save @shaai/scroll-ink


npm install --save @shaai/scroll-ink @shaai/react


Vue & Angular

Coming soon.

Get Started

Begin with choosing your CMS. You can use our CMS for storing your blogs, or host the admin yourself. If choosing our CMS, first create an account here, and start writing your first blog.

Then, choose the command for your choice of environment from above. Once the dependencies are installed, import ScrollInk, the installed scroll and initialise it with the config object.

For any environment, first initialise ScrollInk, then call the load() function, and finally call the subscribe(callback) function, where callback is the function that receives updates to your DOM.

Read more about getting started.


Are you a developer? We would love you addition to Shaai. These are the currently open issues accross various repositories.

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